Urban Fashion Shoot With Graffiti

Sometimes as a photographer you work with a client who is happy for you to use your creative mind to take amazing photos. Parie from Class and Glitter has had three shoots with me so far and so by our fourth, she trusted me to get on with things (well, to be fair, she trusted me from day one-which was lovely) and when she saw my location shoot at the abandoned brickworks she asked if we could do a shoot there. So, we set out to do an urban fashion shoot with graffiti there, taking advantage of the abandoned buildings to create something very special.

We managed to choose a bad day for it-the rain had stopped but the place was flooded in parts. Luckily Parie is a star and I am a professional, and we both decided it was worth getting our feet wet. I ended up throwing my shoes away, because for the very first shot I took I had to go ankle deep in freezing cold water. That shot is my favourite from the whole shoot though, so it was worth it. Just look at this.

Girl in doorway surrounded by graffiti, reflecting into water

As with all my shoot posts, I’ve chosen my favourite shots and they’re at the end of this post, so do have a scroll through. If you’re fancying your own urban fashion shoot with graffiti and so want to shoot here with me, or you love this buy want something different, then get in touch. My shoots are £3o per hour and include all the digital images, lightly edited.

Girl smiling against a circle graffiti backdrop

Girl in doorway surrounded by graffiti

Girl against graffiti wall

Girl crouched against black and white graffiti wall

Girl in red jumper against graffiti wall

Girl in red jumper making a heart with her hands next to graffiti wall

Hands holding sequins

Girl leaning on brick pillar

Girl holding paint can next to graffiti

Girl in abandoned building with graffiti

Girl next to alien graffiti

Girl in light next to brick wall

Girl crouched in graffiti filled corridor

Girl crouched in graffiti filled corridor

Girl blowing sequins out of her hands

Smiling girl with sequins in her hair

Parie has used some of our photographs from this shoot in her post ‘It’s not about what you look like‘ and I urge you to go give this one a read-it’s a very serious, but very good, read.

What do you think of this shoot? Is it your kind of thing or totally out of your comfort zone? Which is your favourite shot? I’d love to hear your opinion in the comments.